Detroit | 42°20’40″N, 83°3’41″W by jonbailey
February.9.2009, 5:35 pm
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The site for the AISC – Lifecycle of a School will be located in Detroit, Michigan. The site presently is occupied by an existing school built in the 19th century, where a literal translation of lifecycle school will be explored, along with the figurative [of course].


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First glance I noticed that there is a large number of vacant lots surrounding the site. We need to do a map study [not just text] on the residential demographics of the area to see exactly who will be using this school [if they are local] and where they’re coming from [routes and transportational mechanisms].

Comment by jonbailey

there is also one more lot that would be used to reach the 5 acres. its the bottom right below what you marked next to the map of detroit.

Comment by lowder

you should contact Emmett from UM- he has been in a studio that has done a lot of mapping and might be able to refer you to some of this research material.

Comment by yshai

there is a book we need to see if someone at UM can get us as well. It is called Stalking Detroit and was also put out by UM.

Comment by lowder

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