Sociotropism by bboss1
February.18.2009, 11:56 pm
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Tropism is defined as the turning or bending movement of an organism or a part toward or away from an external stimulus, such as light, heat, or gravity. (

Sociotropism is defined as the turning, bending, or orientating of a built form as a result of social factors present in a site. This can be understood as a specific response to the social or cultural context of a given area. (Bennett Bossert)


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im not sure if you googled sociotropic/sociotropism or not but it appears to be a word coined in the 1980s by D Roderick Kiewit(a professor of political science at the california institute of technology), where the word is described as the performance being based both on the national economic well-being (sociotropic/sociotropism).

However I do like the idea, and if the phrase wasnt being used already then your defination fits into the physical aspect of our building. We must not forget about the other, possibly more important [to the greater good] part of our project, which is the study of intelligence and the human nervous system, but that it extends from beyond the humans to a actual nervous system linking together buildings through information and a nueral network. and our network has the ability to adapt and reconfigure itself to new nodes of the network as they change overtime.

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Digital Detroit and CO-evoluters

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