Programmatica of NERVOUSystem by jonbailey
February.23.2009, 2:04 am
Filed under: Networks, Urban Planning

The red lines dotting the roadways represent the morning and evening hours of the day in which parents arrive and drop their kids off at school. This pathway then leads to the main network, yellow/orange, which connects the student to the rest of the site. The darker orange path which runs from the public park blot to the southern-most media blot, is an alternative route for the public. This is still a work in progress, and after tomorrow it should make more sense. -Jon


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the final goal for this graphic is an animation showing the traces of movement, both vehicular and pedestrian, through and around the site, related to the schools activities. Over the course of the day you will see teachers trickle into the school in the early morning hours, and as the day starts, parents dropping their kids off, and finally the kids dispersal onto the site. [see above britain for an idea of the final graphic]

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