f l o w by jonbailey
March.18.2009, 6:48 pm
Filed under: Studio Talk, Theory

A flow formalizes the general idea of “a variable that depends on time”, and are usually continuous, when the space ‘x’ has some additional structure, or when x = R^n. Flow= x(t), where t equals the variable of time. A flow must satisfy the restriction that the amount of flow into a node equals the amount of flow out, except when it is a source, which has more outgoing flow, or a sink, which has more incoming flow.

As our project grows there seems to be a language developing in the design of our project; those which speak of weaving, flows, and of networks. We are attempting to weave together existing buildings through a literal network of structural steel, which intertwines with the fabric of woven intelligences that inhabit the site. And as our structure weaves through the landscape, and the ecology of Detroit, the topography begins to weave itself through our structure, blurring spaces between interior and exterior experiences. Weaving through our geodetic address are the flows of ecology, structure, human, and intelligences networks. What is left over afterward from the flows will give us a spatial network which will envelope our nonlinear system of learning. -Jon


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