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April.8.2009, 5:59 pm
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Tried to post the latest presentation but couldn’t get the powerpoint or pdf to go to the correct hyperlink. SO, I’ve posted the latest powerpoint on file share at the bottom lefthand sidebar [of the blog]. Any changes you want made or files you want added, or think should be deleted, etc. etc… mail me-Jon


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presentation went well, but also highlighted some areas that we are missing out on, and not because we do not have, but because we are leaving out due to time sake. we need to keep some of the mapping, but in large change what it is we are mapping; unemployment, open lots, vacant buildings, sickness, poverty/income, homeless. we need to bring our project back to the community. the demographic chart needs to be changed to just one mile and less. i think we should bring it to the neighborhood and promote a walking community, not one where people commute five miles away. and let the local community be the ones who farm the crops and help out the neighborhood and making it their own. these comments to me, made by wes, were the most influential to the projets future.

other than that i think we are on the right track still. some people need to split off and work on graphics now, once program is secure.

Comment by jonbailey

I concur with above statement

Comment by Jason

Just a few comments from wes to add .. some repetative from above

Nervous system metaphor – use condition of detroit to shock even more

Urban Farming – think about the walmart parking lot spring transformation, agriculture is rectalinear why the polygons, take a more serious approach

Ground to our specific site more

Study more specific data related to detroits actual condition – rats, homeless, stray cats, etc.

Find out why schools have such a large requirement for acreage

Tunnel? Merge community together, cars and people, on MLKing – we want to hear the honking, the volunteer crossing guards whistle, Detroit needs this integration

If the budget of this building was 20,000 what could we take out without losing our idea? What could NOT be negotiated?

Cost distribution of your school? – a expensive design pod vs. Some counseling and a luxurious teachers lounge

Realize the system of churning through teachers – most won’t last so praise those that do

Security concerns

Use the word LEFTOVER but in a positive connotation

Tell a story – child forgetting lunch money, parent process of getting to actual child – teachers and commitment involved

Comment by mking22

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