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Based off the critique of today we really just need to clarify our images, and point out exactly what our images are showing. here are my comments based on the critique:

website- website is excellent but a few changes;
no snow. site page looks great, but the vignettes need updated to match our current ones. also, links need changed to read more like the ones from our blog.

as for the boards;
existing conditions board: show “spreading out” of nervous system into greater detroit like diagram i had done overlayed on detroit map. this will replace the image already there. also, align the map text and title (regulating lines). also title can be smaller. on the elevation, our buildings need to be highlighted and called out in orange with text explaing their previous use (i.e. clay school -abandoned). this will help relate to our site board and show that we intend on inhabating and rehabilitating the existing infrastructure/structure. this will hopefully show lifecycle more coherently.

program board: tie existing pedagogy’s and architypes to the new models we are proposing. show circulation of the student through the program and relate to the daily routine. show distributed, centralized, decentralized networks and how they tie in–i have some ideas i will explain in sketches.

site board: show ventilation and sun paths through the atriums spaces–explaing how we arrived at the shapes we did. photoshop people into the eco blot and the activities they will be doing there. add small amount of text to describe further information of images. add matts diagram possibly somewhere. relate rendering perspectives to the place in which they were seen on the overall site. we may also need to show a demographics map somewhere?? lets talk about it. trees in the section need “blended” (using the blending tool) to blend into the board better–hard edges around. let me know what you think but i can take care of this.

structure board; need to add map of factories lining detroit. need help on what else needs to happen to this board; i think it is reading well, we just need to add a map.

powerpoint; needs ALL old and irrelevant images taken out… we need to make a powerpoint presentation more relevant to our boards and layout as is now with title. if we do show ‘process’ images we need to say how it relates to our design decisions…

blog; we need a new title bar and not one ripped off archimorph 🙂

Comment by jonbailey

three main goals of project:
-fabrication | economy | resources

*we need to redefine our education model. howard gardner proposed multiple intelligences, however we are proposing a new model and thus need a new name, which is taking gardners model further.

Comment by jonbailey

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